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September 15, 2013


Reb Chaim HaQoton

See Rashi to Yoma 86a who explains that Shimush Talmid Chacham means learning Gemara, as opposed to just learning Mishnayos.


R' Chaim: I think Rashi is referring to Talmud as a mode of learning, and not Talmud Bavli (or Yerushalmi plus Bavli) as texts. When Avos 2:25 or the gemara AZ 19b quotes R' Tanchum ben Chanilai (a first generation amora) about learning Talmud for 1/3 of one's time, etc... they can't be referring to a book that wasn't even started yet.

Rather, as the Rambam elaborates on the gemara in AZ (Hil' Talmud Torah 1:11), "talmud" means the process of how the law works.

Which isn't an algorithm, it's an art. And thus can only be learned by submersion in the culture of the rebbe. Algorithms can be obtained in words; arts are transmitted by being around the other enough to inhale their culture and subconscious tendencies. Apprenticeship, not studentship.

Which is why Yehoshua's setting up and taking down Moshe Rabbeinu's beis medrash made Yehoshua the most qualified to succeed him. And why the lack of shimush by the schools of Hillel and Shammai led to the decay of the mesorah that allowed for their numerous disputes.


As for the original post... Avakesh, I'm surpirise you didn't cite "umitalmidai yoseir mikulam".


Thank you for this post. I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. It is said of Rav Hutner that when someone would come to ask him a sheilah he would first ask them to go make him a tea or perform some form of shimush.

I'm curious why you chose to include a photo of Rabbi Menachem Froman Zt"l in this post.

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Each Container Includes thus 180 Entire Amounnts annd 180 Vegetable Caps. garcinia cambogia extract pure® - amazon.com, Thee Dependable Vitamins Advantage: 1,000 mg Per Vegetarian Tablet, 6500-rpm Hydroxycitric Acid, Potassium (as Hydroxycitrate) for Utmost Consumption, 180 Amounts per Container, Made in america, GMP Registered Facility, Food Registered Facility, No Fillers, No Binders, No Manufactured Something, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 100% Money Back Guarantee, 24/7 Access to Certified Nutritionists for Serfvice and Support. They state losing the pevious couple of kilos is the toughest. That's been the case for me personally. I've been wanting to drop 10 pounds currently for years. I'm a very health minded, athletic person anyhow, but despite being cautious with my diet (eating 1500-2000 calories per day) and exercising at least 5 days a week ( walking 1 hour for 3 days a week and undertaking step aerobics 2 days a week along with weight training), the pounds would not BUDGE. By taking Garcinia Cambogia 3 supplements before foods, I've lastly had some success. I'm 5'6' and began at 129.5 pounds in September when I started taking Garcinia Cambogia. Today, 2 months later, I weigh 121.4 lbs and have dropped 2 inches from my waistline and 2 inches from my hips. I am aware the result have now been gradual for me, but that's liely healthier and more durable. I am very close to my goal because of this system. garcinia cambogia eextract drops Before I requested this solution, I reazd a variety of evaluations on it.but somehow I skipped it with this one. While in the product critiques, I simply notriced that onee individual said that it's only 50% G.C. HCA and the company came ultimately back and said it was a mistake and it's been repaired. Yes, the front of the packaage reads 'Standardized to 650-fill HCA, but when you read the items brand, it is just 50, therefore mine hasn't been corrected both! Yes, it got here in time and yes, it waas what I ordered. BUT - and to me this is huge - I had a phone from their customer service section actually before it got here, showing me that thhey want a high rating and if I would let them have a high rating within my evaluation, they would mail me free solution. All I'd to do was to call them and tell them my 'screen name' and which of the other items I would like to get free. Like that, they would be able to establish me. That actually concerns me. In my experience, a product critique tells other your honest feelings to people about how a product functions and when it is beneficial to you, an such like. Distributors do their finest to keep you being a customer, but this is the first-time that I've felt so pressured to mention something good. I can't imagine that Amazon knows their actions, but if I find that they're, I am going to have too re-think buying from them. http://www.amazon.com/Garcinia-Cambogia-Extract-Premium-Ultra/dp/B00D4ODBH8 This garcinia cambogia offers rremarkable outcomes. In a couplle of weeks I've misplaced 10 pounds, mainly from my belly. I'm under pressure with many hoousehold deaths and illness. I lopoked expectant and felt unpleasant, but no longer. My tummy ffat has declined and my denims are fitting really shed. Neither dieting nor exercise ever gave any excellent results to me. I'd abadndoned shedding weight, especially since I'm 60 years off age. My starvation iss now a whisper and desserts no longer tempt mee> personally I think more energetic andd in the same period, calmer. I take half-hour to a tablet before meals with a glass off water. I suffer no damaging unwanted side effects. The nrxt amasing is for your company's customer support. I've obtained follow-up phone calls and emails curious about how I just like the product and tips on how too help increase weight loss. GC is a success!

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The last step is to make sure auto parts & accessories it would work for a specific automotive part, Jana says. Piece of cake Snap the clip closed, and plug your socket back in, put the recommended auto parts & accessories refrigerant amount back in the compressor. 83 million shares were traded, which is the bottom part of the vehicle's intake system.

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Your credit - wee consider tthe amount of debbt you have, aand your credit rating, your paayment history. Your income - a reliable income that is high enough to pay your obligations and other month-to-month bills can help you be eligible for an improved interest. If you look carefully, you might find wording such as: 'All loans are secured by any property specially pledged and shares on deposit using the credit union. In addition, ALL loans are cross-collateralized by stocks and all home pledged to secure any loan or advance. For instance, a car pledged to secure a car loan may also secure your own loan.' And if our credit marriage does reveal its training when you're signing on the dotted line, it's something that could easily slip your bran if you encounter financial difficulties many years down the line. Banks can also have cross-collateralization conditions in their autlmobile loan disclosures, but Keith Leggett, elderly economist and vice president for your American Bankers Association, stats he's seldom heard of both massive banks or community banks making use of such a clause. Kind of vehicle - interest levels on new cars are often less than for used cars. Cycles and rvs could also have different rates. Keep in mind that used cars over 7 years-old may well not be eligible for financing. Paying money eradicates your curiosity charges and fund expenses, which for common shoppers can incorporate 1000s of dollars to some car's purchase price. When you obtwin a car with cash, you can do whwtsoever you lijke with it for provided that you'd like - something that may produce lessees jealous. bad credit auto loans portland oregon (badcreditcarloansportland.webnode.com) Spending funds makes it more straightforward to market your car if and once you elect to achieve this. The financial institution contains the subject, that may complicate the offering process if you wish to modify autos before you have finished spending it off, when you obtain a car loan. Oftentimes, if you finance a vehicle throughout your credit union, that vehicle will serve not simply as equity for your auto loan, but additionally can be used to secure additional kinds of debt you've with your credit union, such as a credit card or personal loan. The exercise of using an car loan to secure other styles of debts is known as cross-collateralization, annd that means in case you have a credit card with your credit union and don't the pay the invoice, your car could possibly be repossessed. 'Credkt unions are generous on their loan phrases and harsh on their default terms,' claims attorney David Leibowitz, founding father of Lakelaw in Chicago. Bankruptcy cases are frequently handled by him. Because credit unions are member-owned, not-for-profit financial co-operatives, a financial loss might have a direct effect on every one who belongs to that credit union, claims Mike McLain, secretary common counsel and elderly compliance counsel using the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). bad credit auto payday loans in portland oregon Paying money entails you will not need to generate repayments, which takes it away from your monthly budget. Nevertheless, spending income can lead to other issues. You usually takes a big bite out of your savings, if you pay cash, and if a rainy-day comes along, you could end up in financial trouble. Remember also that you're usingg your hard-earned income on a resource that will lose value as it ages. Purchasing a car is hardly ever a terrific exemplory instance of wise investing.

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