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September 03, 2012


Neil Harris

Great post.
I started this cycle and even though I have made it to 25 out of 32 shiurim so far, there is a bonding that takes place and a feeling of community.

I review and catch up with mp3s, but it's not the same.


To offer a different perspective I went through the last daf yomi cycle without participating in any sort of shiur/chaburah, doing the learning either myself or, for the more difficult daf'm with an online shiur. Some of the benefits I found were

1)Incredibly flexible - with young children committing to a set time every day for 7 1/2 years isn't practical. Knowing that I could start and stop a shiur at any time made completing the cycle a reality (for me).

2)Pick your pace and depth - Going to a shiur limits you to a specific maggid shiur, doing it online means that you can tailor your experience. Need something repeated, just rewind. Curious about a topic discussed, do a quick google search to learn more.

3)No time limit - as an added benefit to #s 1 & 2, the shiur ends when you want it to. You can continue to explore or review as much as you'd like without concern for when everyone else has to leave

4)Embracing an online community - there are lots of forums and chats to discuss daf yomi topics. an online chevra can, in many ways, be as meaningful and impactful as in-person

5)Improving your skills - often listening to a great maggid shiur means, to be blunt, you are being spoonfed the daf. Doing it on your own, means you are the one who is accountable for really getting it or not. If you make the commitment to do it, why not grow and improve your learning skills along the way?


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