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March 05, 2012



A quick perusal of the Yerushalmi shows it includes amoraim who post-date R' Yochanan, including machloqesin about how to understand Reish Laqish. R' Zeira frequently appears, he was a generation later. R' Yosi b' R' Bun is another frequent name -- but 2 generations later. R' Tanchuma -- 3 generations later -- appears a few times as well.

But then, the Rambam also attributes the Bavli to R' Ashi and Ravina (probably R' Ashi's grandson, not his common disputant, who is also generally named first). But that too has insertions and redactions that post-date him.

I doubt nearly as pervasively, though. R' Yochanan and Reish Laqish's role in the Y-mi appears to be more like Abayei and Rava in Bavel, the parties who started the project and produced the seed from which the text grew.

As for the authority the Rambam accorded the Yerushalmi... It seems the Rambam takes named opinions in the Yerushalmi over anonymous ones in the Bavli. But will hold like a named opinion in the Bavli over anything else; it's far from true that he gives the Yerushalmi final word in general.

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