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January 08, 2012


Yaakov Feldman

Yashar Koach for mentioning Ramchal, Leshem, Ashlag, et al. But mention must also be made of one of the greatest students of the Ari who, supposedly because he was a Sefardi,has been largely overlooked was HaRav Shalom Sharabi.His best contemporary exponent to my mind is HaRav Iche Meyer Morgenstern. And HaRav Sharabi's is indeed a living tradition.


Actually, anyone who reads the weekly transcripts of his Rav Morgensterns teaching can see that he is more of an exponent of chassidus then Rav Sharabi. He quotes Chabad seforim counless more times than he quotes Rav Sharabi.

Yaakov Feldman

Dear aa -- R' Morgenstern has whole, lengthy and complex explications of R' Sharabi in his voluminous Yam HaChochma series, and not in the weekly transcripts which you're right about.


Still as a whole more of an exponent of chassidus than of r. Sharabi.


Thank's for taking note of #Hasidology !

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