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November 27, 2011



To add another point:
Avraham instructs Eliezer that should Rivka fail to accompany him back to Yitzchak, he should go and take a wife from the daughters of Ener, Eshkol, or Mamre. Why are they any better than Eliezer? After all, they are from Cana'an as well!

That same Maharal that you quoted anticipates this question. He explains that although they were in fact Cana'anite, they did not fall under the category of "cursed" because they had entered into a covenant with Avraham (see end of Lech L'cha) - this brought them under the banner of blessed. Although Eliezer would seem to be in this group by virtue of his association with Avraham, at the end of the day he is still a slave.

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