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September 05, 2011


Micha Berger

I gave my impressions at some length over on Asparlaqia.

- R' Yehudah invents a new style of analysis, and establishes a beis medrash in Pumbedisa to teach it

- The Yerushalmi's greater emphasis on unadulterated repetition of received Torah (because the Bavli reflects Rav Yehudah's new system of "lomdus")

- Rav Yochanan and Reish Laqish develop a system of comparison between quoted halakhah to establish general rules that can be applied to cases that have no tradition (without R' Yehudah's more direct interpretation, and therefore possible adulteration of specific quotes)


PS:technical note, this is my second version of this comment. I don't know how the previous one evaporated, but you might wish to know it happens.

Micha Berger

It seems that at times I just can't hide my dyslexia. That should read "Aspaqlaria".

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