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May 03, 2011



Maybe they'll plant a seed in someone's head that stops him from creating an agunah or beating his wife. But how sad that this is a topic they see as a central issue in Jewish life! The fact that they live in a world where "give her a get" is something significant numbers of people can relate to is itself a very painful reality for me to face.

Combine this data point with http://www.avakesh.com/2011/01/disturbing-video-i-broke-shabbos-again.html
(Oops I broke Shabbos Again) and the song "Just Had Chametz" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivW37huDN1A and I fear for our future.

All that cynicism and dwelling on the dark underbelly of our community problems... What are the starry-eyed idealist type teens listening to? The Maccabeats don't have that large of a repertoire and you are exposing me to an ever-growing list of alternatives.


I saw that video (Chametz) and it turned my stomach. It is one thing to comment on a personally painful issue through art and song and another to present pure leitzonus with no redeeming quality whatsoever. I was struck, hwoever, by how omnipresent Jewish simbols were in that video - like trying to run away from someting that its so firmly wedded to one's essence that one cannot run away from it even while running away from it.
I did a quick search and found several such videos praising breaking mitzvos. G-d save us!
See this post: http://kavvanah.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/i-just-pass-on-the-matzah/

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