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January 10, 2011



I wonder if the father realizes he's a Hirschian.


Very poignant. Unfortunately, a more likely reason is that when we don't teach well, our presumptive students tend to murder us.


It's "L'Ohr Goyim". Not "Ohr L'Goyim". Common mistake, but it means something different.


No, it doesn't mean something different. Yeshaya uses that expression several times (e.g., 42:6 and 49:6), and the idea many more times (e.g., 9:1), and it certainly can mean that the Jews are intended to bring light to the nations. It's a common mistake because they are substantially the same, just like כל ישראל ערבים זה בזה is most often stated as ending with לזה. Trivial difference, substantially the same.


Strange but true -- Jews are so few - less than 15 million in 4000 years.
Reason I can think of is - not easy for non Jews to convert to Judaism,
Jews tend to convert to other religions much much more than vice versa.
( Judaism is very complex and complicated religon - not easy to understand nor follow )
Many Jews marry Non-Jews and their children tend to become Non-Jews.
Easier to live the life of a Non Jew than be a Jew as Jew's are looked down upon.
Stigma is attached to being a Jew as Cheap, Miser, Stingy, Shylock, Kike, Dirty, big Nose, smelly, Impotent, Gay - so a lot of Jews change to other religions.

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