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November 28, 2010


Sara Raftenberg

Thank you for this link, but it points out some of the disingenuousness of Chabad. Referring to itself as a "yeshivah" site, terming its conetxt as "Torah" and "Judaism" without an honest statement of intellectual bent and the like is off-putting and part of the problem of Chabad to my mind.Your honest analysis of it might have thwarted their aims. The wpoers that be may ask if you to remove this ....


I don't think they see it as being misleading. I actually called someone in Chabad before writing this post to ask about the name. His response was, " And what, we don't have yeshivas?".

Sara Raftenberg

They have *Chabad* yeshivos which, as they proudly point out and which makes it even radically different from standard Chassidushe yeshivos, spend hours studying Chassidus. The response is pilpul and disingenuous.


I am not familiar with 'Chabad' literature but with the way you explained this topic, seems like it's an interesting one.

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