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November 28, 2010



"Groups that do this, which appeal to emotion and not the mind, Breslav and Chabad are actually succeeding"

Then how do you explain that davka Chabad has a huge drop-out rate amongst it's youth?


Because as a community it is too busy doing kiruv to focus on chinuch.

Chinuch is a very important topic in the Litvishe world. There workshops, lectures, articles, books and the average parent is aware of Chinuch issues. From what I can see that is not the case in the Chabad communities.


I don't see the fact that the typical O Jew isn't trying for spiritual growth (is not among the benei aliyah) to be a phenomenon. The Rambam takes it for granted, and writes on multiple planes -- for the hoi palloi and for the thinker.

I think this is a permanent feature of any community of any real size that is being turned into a "crisis" by a culture that for some reason needs crises.

The drop out rate among children, not adults, is at crisis levels, but I don't know how much blame there is about this. We haven't had this level of standardized universal education ever before in our history. It could well be that this is what teens do when you turn religion into all-day schooling for the masses. The kid-at-risk's greatgrandfather would have been apprenticing at that age. And I also don't know how many rebellious teens really drop out as opposed to return when adolescence runs its course. Is it really aboiut being too addicted to texting to put it down for Shabbos? Or is it "just" our own community's version of the Amish Rumschpringe?


I'm not sure how premodern modalities will repair postmodern circumstances - many from those modalities are leaving! Chevras of "ex-Lubis" abound! I had a post recently on the resigned orthoprax;

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