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July 10, 2010



so lemme get this straight. we are supposed to mourn because the rabbis say so. but not on shabbos. what are we, emotional robots? mourn, don't mourn, mourn, don't mourn. but then maybe we should sorta mourn on shabbos too. hey i have an idea. forget the whole thing. jerusalem is rebuilt, israel is a sovereign state, jews have f-16s and uzis. the whole idea of legislating mourning is too far out there. let it go.


I ask you, did you never experience mixed emotions, joy and sadness, elation and grief at the same time? Do you know how to use and advance in it, or do you repress them because of the discomfort and strangeness of the experience?

Religion does not impose emotional burdens or solve the problems of life, but it gives man tools with which to manage them. Take this period of three weeks as a practice in how to experience mixed feelings to the fullest and learn how to sanctify this aspect of humane experience and psyche.

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