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June 07, 2010


Sara Raftenberg

You need to be less subtle about this. Had I not seen the fact that this is a "Chumash" entry it wouldn't have occured to me that you're speaking about Korach's sink-hole. But Yashe Koach anyway!


I was at shul Shabbat and an older 'rationalist' was trying to argue with his son-in-law for a 'rational' explanation that coal fires and gases escaping in a geothermal event were responsible for the surface collapse and ensuing flames - which was all rather irrational for ignoring the text which said that the earth both opened and closed back up, which describes Moshe stating what would happen BEFORE it did so - it would not seem miraculous if anyone else had knowledge of the area. I think it is the more rational of positions to not tell GOD what to do or how to do it - which makes me a kofer by Rambam's "rationalist" students and probably somehow by Chazal, one way or another...btw, this sinkhole was likely manmade;

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