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June 29, 2010


Sara Raftenberg

What's the source for this? The speaker seems to be a gentile, and I have never heard of the Siccari, so I have my suspicions. Are they cited in the Apocrpha or Josephus? Do Chazal mention them?


It is based on Josephus("Ant." xv. 8, §§ 1-4). There are mentions of them in the Germara. Mishnah (Makhshirim 1:6): "It once happened that the men of Jerusalem hid their fig-cakes in the water because of the Sicarii, and the sages declared them not susceptible [to ritual uncleanness]." Similarly in Avot de-Rabbi Nathan (7 p. 20, version (B), ed. Schechter, 19452): "When Vespasian came and surrounded Jerusalem… the Sicarii took the initiative and set fire to all the granaries." In Eccles. R. to 7:12 there is mention of Ben Batiaḥ, "the head of the Sicarii in Jerusalem," and the story of *Abba Sikra, the leader of the biryonim, the son of the sister of Rabban *Johanan b. Zakkai (Git. 56a). Some references to Byiryonim may also be about Siccari and then is the mishna at the end of Sotah that Sanhedrin stopped giving the death penalty because murders proliferated.

Sara Raftenberg

OK, thank you for that, but my question remains: Is this historical representation tradional?


Without Josephus there is no Jewish historiography and all thsoe who wrote about Jewish history (sometimes reluctantly)used him, including the well-accepted Yosippon. I agree that Josephus as a person is suspect and one must be cautious, but without his work, there is no framewoek into whih to place remarks from Chazal. The Sicarri is a good example. There are these scattered references in Chazal but if not for Josephus, one would have no way of putting them together to gain a picture of who they were and what role they played.

I saw a good discussion of this in the introduction to
The Beit Hamikdash: The Temple and The Holy Mount [Hardcover]
Rabbi Zalman Menachem Koren (Author)

He quotes TIferes Yisroel and Gro who made use of Josephus. Gro asked that it be translated into Hebrew and so it was under his influence. Hope this helps answer this very good question.


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