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June 06, 2010


Chaim Gershon

The two perspectives are explained by diverse commentaries: the punishment for the sins of Korach's soul was burning; his body's crimes lead to being sentenced to being swallowed.
See http://www.meaningfullife.com/torah/parsha/bamidbar/korach/The_Soul_of_a_Conflict.php
As well see his father in Likutei Levi Yitchak (Naso p.358)
where the judgements are related to the end of Masechta Temurah and mystically to one of the Edomite Kings of Tohu: Bela ben B'or ( literally: Swallower son of Burnt)
This is the same conclusion reported on the passuk in Pardes Yosef in the name of Ben Yehoyada and in Smuchim L'Ad on the parasha from Rav Eliyahu Ha-Cohen from Izmir.

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