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March 14, 2010



Something needs to be added to that comment.
Because for people who are going through a high amount of stress, life seems unbearable, and the expression by itself sounds like a trite cliche.


As a psychiatrist, I have heard more than one patient tell me they used to think that no-one was given more troubles than they could handle.That is a widespread saying among the Gentiles too. They told me they used to believe that, until they became so stressed they literally lost their minds because of it. They were given more than they could handle.
As a result, I never tell people no-one is given more trouble than they can handle.


As all Talmudic statements, this one is general and would not "cover" every situation. I don't deny that some people break under their burdens and, yes, psychiatric conditions will not be cured with mere reassurance. However, many people, as they mature, find that what they considered unbearable at an earleir stage of their lives was not really so, and that in every stage of their lives, the challenge is maximal to their capacity to bear under it. It is also encouraging to know that there are untapped depths of resources within every individual, and if Hashem thinks so, how much more is it reassuring.

Neil Harris

Thanks for the this post. I've been wondering for a while if I've tapped into as much tefillah as I am able to. For what we can bear is based on our relationship with Hashem.

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