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March 03, 2010



Thanks for an interesting post, as usual for you.
I can't find the disagreement you mentioned between Rebbi and Rabbi Yehudah Hanassi. Are you sure it is in Peah? I looked at the Mishnah and Tosefta and am unable to locate it.


I am sorry, I was not clear. It is in Yerushami. Doros Harishonim mentions it and there is another place in Yerushalmi where this disagreement appears, which makes it unlikely to be a scribal error. Neither is it plausible to say that R. Yehuda Hanassi refers to Rebbi's grandson because the two never disagree and Rebbi was a Tanna while R. Yehuda Nessiah was an Amora.

Perhasp it is like R. Meir and Acheirim, referring to the same Tanna at different stages of his life (See Tosafos Sota 12a). He was called R. Yehuda Hanassi before he compiled Mishna and Rebbi after that. This would support the thesis of this post.


I just want to add that Doros Harishonim brings several answers to the stirah regarding R. Meir and Acheirim. One, from Beer Shaeva at the end of Horayos is that what he learned until the ruling that he should be referred to as "acheirim" should be attributed to "R. Meir" and after that to "Acheirim".

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