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February 11, 2010



Even lesheim shomayim is it muttar to Malbin es pnei Chaveiro barobim? R' Shmuel bar Nachmoni in Bava Metzia 58b says that Verbal insult is worse than physical abuse, because the effect of a bruise will go away, but the effect of verbal abuse is there to last. Also it says there that all leave Gehinom except for 3... and one who makes another blush is included in this category! Why would Peninah actually risk so much and take such large punishment just to make Channah daven for a baby?!


sorry if I seemed overexcited on my comment :)


The Kotsker is interpreting the Chazal in a way that reveals a new meaning. It is not that Penina wanted Chana to pray. It is really that she disliked or was jelous of her - but Penina refused to admit that and thought that she was acting l'shem shomaim, to get Chana to pray. How did they know that this was, in Penina's eyes L'shem Shomaim? Becasue she behaved abominably. A knave still has some limits to his or her knavery, at the very least the limits of self interest. A person who acts out of lowly motivations, but unware of them and thinking that he or she is acting l'shem shomaim can commit worst atrocities with a clear conscience, nay, even with a sense of pride and religious accomplishment.

The Kotsker says something similar about "Vayikhu li teruma", on which Rashi comments, "Li-lishmi". The Kotsker says: "Even lishmi has to (really) be "li".


thanks avakesh... now I understand it :) shkoyach on your blog... great content

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