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February 04, 2010



Rashi lived at a time when Jews were oppressed. If someone at a time like that wanted to convert, it suggested a much stronger commitment than any desire to convert today.

There's an issue with accepting gerim at all when Yad Yisrael Tekifa. And even if you want to argue that Yad Yisrael isn't exactly Tekifa today, we certainly aren't downtrodden ase were in Rashi's time.


This was a story of the Gentile who came to Hillel ( I should have brought down the whole story) and asked to convert on the condition that he accepts Written Law but not Oral Law. It is probably a time very much like our time.


I'm not sure how Hillel's time could be considered much like our own. We were already occupied by Rome, and ruled by the Herodians.

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