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August 12, 2009



Does this mean Drazin rejects Onkelos as the author completely, or that he believes the Targum went through a process of editing over several centuries?

Do you have an issue with the theological premises of the work or are you merely identifying them?

david g.

I wrote about Drazin's book on Rambam. I do not know about his work on Onkelkos, but I would be very careful as he has no understanding of rambam's thought. He is far from a rationalist, more in the realm of an ignoramus when it comes to machshava. See my blog labels Drazin.

Lion of Zion

that's weird, i'm pretty sure i left a comment yesterday?


Lion - please repost, your comment might not have registered. It was not censored.

I reviewed David G.'s posts on the matter and now wonder what cames first to produce a flawed product, false ideology or substandard scholarship, or both.

Lion of Zion

the comment was nothing of substance.

"safely out of reach of my eight and half year-old."

when do you think he will be old enough?
(the beginning of the post wasn't clear to me. did you originally buy it for him?)

"He delights especially in finding the differences between Onkelos and the Chumash test."

get him יין הטוב

שבת שלום


Yahadut, as I'm sure rabbi knows - is not for those committed to being 8-year olds for the rest of their life. A claim that Ramban was remiss in thorough treatment of the occurences of the term "proper" in the Targum has nothing to do with "feels about" Ramban - it is a claim based on reading and reviewing of works available to peers. You can't be in error about personal feelings, where R. Drazin CAN clearly be in error in his assessment - when others check his claim. That is part of what makes him a rationalist. what does not make him a rationalist is his confluence with Guttman's perspective on Rambam.


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