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August 16, 2009



FWIW, ML suffered from painful near-terminal constipation, and this aggravated his meshugas. For example, he used to have visions of the Satan while sitting in the outhouse, and when he succeeded in what people sit in outhouses for, he would shout boastful rebukes at the Satan. See the "Studies in Anality" chapters of Norman O. Brown's Life against Death", which cite Erikson.

Btw, if the facts Erikson presented moved you to condemn Luther, and indeed would make any reasonable person do the same, hasn't he done due diligence by Luther, morally speaking? And if Erikson had said, "This was an execrable man -- I can prove, or have proved, it!," wouldn't many a reader think, I have to read Erikson's "facts" with suspicion, he's trying to fit them with his agenda?


But if Erikson chose to research and spend so much time with this offensive character and not be repulsed by him... True he is a psychologist and psychopathology is his professional interest, but "Why did zarzir go to the raven, for it is of its kind (Ḥul. 62a, 65b)

super real

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