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June 17, 2009


josh waxman

"There are also those who are opposed to any kind of Techeles for reasons that include the prohibition of "bal tosif (since we are not sure of the identity of the true Techeles, we might be inadvertently "adding" a mitzva to the Torah)."

An interesting contrast to this is the position that NOT wearing Techeles nowadays is a violation of bal tigra:




Does one violate lo tigra if he follows the accepted custom of wearing tzitzis? Tos. Shabbos 4a s.v.kodem says that a person who refrains from taking bread that he put int an oven on Shabbos before it bakes (to save himself), solely because the chochomim tell him not to do so, is not chayav skila.



In contrast, if the t'cheiles is not the right one, doesn't wearing it violate k'ayn kanaf (with the result being that you are wearing a four cornered garment without kosher tzitzis)??

josh waxman

oso avakesh:
here, are the chachomim telling him to wear tzitzis without techeles? the accepted minhag developed in the absence of techeles.

i haven't learned through this recently, but i don't think there is universal agreement about that. i know that is why we start out with white and have blue in the middle. the shulchan aruch records this (that this tzitzis should be the same color as the beged) as a position some maintain, and says that the medakdekim take on this stringency; but the Rema says that the minhag ashkenazim is to wear white strings even on colored garments, and not to dye the "white". but even without the Rema, and even with it only being a yesh omrim in Shulchan Aruch, maybe this is only talking about the "white" strings, not the ones we ascribe to be techeles.


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