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June 12, 2009



It seems to me sometimes "spheres" is a better translation than "circles" for the term "Iggulim" in the Kisvei HaAri. I can visualize the tzimtzum as being spherical more easily than circular, as my mind tends to try to see the Or En Sof as three dimensional since it "fills all of existence." Chazal at times did use the term Iggul to mean sphere, eg. in Tosefta Mikvaos 5:8 "iggulei sheleg" balls of snow. Also when you start talking about panim and achorayim of partzufim, etc., it's clear that we are speaking in three dimensions, not two.
On the other hand the Histalshelus begins with a point, so it should pass through a stage of two dimensions before reaching three; and thus there was no panim and achor until a later stage.
Perhaps also pertinent here is the fact that the circle can be more easily represented on a page, just like letters, which are two-dimensional; thus a circle is more shayyach to a text-based mysticism of language such as we have today (although it was once based on oral language).

chaim gershon


Tomorrow 20 Adar is his day!

chaim gershon


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Lance Marchetti

mmm... something tells me Mark Batterson has been here... now he's making money out of Honi's circle in the Old Testament. Clever. However most of Christendom will be blind to the money motive. They'll simply run with any new fad that comes along...and pay for it! While the church still remains irrelevant to a post-modern world that wants very little, if nothing to do with 'church'! (Lance Marchetti, Gonubie. South Africa - ravenrain@minister.com)

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