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April 28, 2009



Maybe it's the feeling of "correcting" the much weaker standards amongst Litvish women (in Litta) between WWI and WWII?

steve mcqueen

if you are an accountant, lawyer or doctor, you are only Charedi because you have chosen to dress/ act that way. You have made a positive decision to pick and choose your identity based on the opportunities open to you (I want a college degree/ I want to ally myself most closely with those parts of the community that reject such education) and you cant get much more "modern" than that.


An interesting point. However, we need to look deeper into this. Frum professionals fall into three general groups:
1.Those who grew up in communities that maintained a double standard toward secular education. You may be right about some of these.
2.Those who had to rebel or reject community standard to botain an education. You are certaianly correct about this group.
3.Those who were a part of "lef wing" communities that had no compunctions about education but later moved to the right in their own personal life and their values. These people do feel feel any dissonance about their current affiliation.

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