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April 21, 2009



Please tell me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that more than a single hashgachah on a product should be a cause for embarrassment. It advertises the fact that the respective authorities don't trust each other.


I dont know if this is the cse here but these situations often involve hashgochos piggiying up on top of each other. In the worst case scenario a hashgocha comes in after, let say OU has completed a run and do a run of their own without having to check or do anything. This is clearly below standard. In other cases, they may rely on the mashgichim sent by the other company. It is rare that several companies send its own mashgichim at the same time, although that also happens. Of course, for the customer, there is no added value in that, except that the product now qualfies as a heimish product. I am gald that OU and KAJ are on the case, though. Some of the smaller heimishe hashgochos or individual rabbis ( I am not talking about this case) are well meaning but lack knowledge of the field and this can sometimes allow major blunders.


(imHo)This is a great case for Rebbe Nachman's teaching at the end of Likkutei Moharan II:44

Farmer Yossie

When you grab the entry doors away from others. ie Hashgachos. It is for protection. Each hasgacha is "locked in" so as not endorse any other upcoming compitition. How you set up a monopoly...

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