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March 15, 2009



A bit of symbolism in the Tosafos's identification of "tapu'ach" with esrog...

The esrog is noted "sheta'am eitzo upiryo shaveh -- the taste of the tree is the same as the taste of the fruit". This is in contrast to what happened on the fourth day of creation, where the ideal would have been to have an "eitz peri -- a fruit tree", and the reality that emerged was an "eitz oseh peri -- a tree that made fruit", rather than being more "of" the fruit. The ideal was that every tree taste like its fruit; but the world isn't made to be ideal. It's made to be a place we are to make ever closer to the ideal.

Gan Eden is referred to "chaqal tapuchin qadishin -- the orchard of holy tapuach's".

Chazal note that the "rei'ach hasadeh -- the smell of the field" that Yitzchaq smelled on Esav's cloak (when worn by Yaaqov) was that of Gan Eden. That the cloak was the kutones Hashem gave Adam, and gave the wearer mastery over the animals.

If the "field" in question is an esrog orchard, the smell is the smell of the fruit, the original ideal for creation.


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