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March 02, 2009



ROY is following sepharadi pisqa in particular. It may be true that for Sepharadim, the big problem is women singing. However...

Ashkenazim hold like the Behag, quoted by both Tosafos and the Rama, that women are obligated to "hear" the megillah, whereas men are obligated to "read" it (which they can fulfill by proxy by listening). Since a woman isn't obligated to read, she can't read it for a man.

There is also ample precedent among Ashkenazim (eg the famous story of R' Barukh Ber's visit to R' EM Preil) that "praying with a tune" isn't singing for the sake of that prohibition.

Also, despite Haaretz just waking up now, this pesaq is over 20 years old.


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