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December 29, 2008



Rabbi Jonathan Sacks describes western civ as the product of a dialog between Athens and Jerusalem.

I have to agree that Edom didn't so much invent a civilization as adopt some elements of Yavan's. Yefet (Yavan's ancestor) is blessed by Noach as having a gift for the aesthetic. A very tangible notion of the world. Even their gods represent tangible forces. We defeat that notion in Chanukah, but do not maintain the ideal.

And so, we get a generation of people who study Torah, but lack unity. Spirituality without holding Yefet's gifts as tools toward that end. And therefore G-d deprives us of our spiritual center with the destruction and continued lack of the Temple. At the hands of Esau, the man Isaac dreamed would found the center of the Jewish Nation's physical prosperity. And G-d forces us into unity through struggling against persecution after persecution.

Yefet understands beauty, polish and politeness, and Edom (in some ideal universe) would have been the introduction of all that in the service of Torah. Esau failed, we failed, and this protracted exile is the path back from our failure.

I wrote about this at insane length (for someone with my other responsibilities) earlier this Chanukah. I know I overextended a post when I wrote about Chanukah and open with the words, "In the beginning, or a few days later, Hashem created the sun and the moon."



There's some fascinating background on Esav's soul and its relationship to Yakov in the RaMChaL's Kinat Hashem Tzevakot which is in the Friedlander edition of Ginzei RaMChal, pp. 111-112. See also Shaar Maamarei RaZaL pp 40-41.

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The children of Ishmael are very aware of the "special relationship", and they have began to publicly argue that it should be abrogated and that Israel and the Jewish people be sacrificed on the altar of the new special relationship,

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