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November 18, 2008



Thanks so much for pointing this extraordinary video out.

This really helped me understand what the Kossov Rebbe was doing; I was just learning about the kavanos of the lulav in Likutei Moharan I, 33:7 (my translation)

“…There is love that is in Daas, which is above Time and above the middos. When one connects one’s heart to one’s Daas, that is, when one’s heart is under one’s dominion [through subjugation of the yetzer], then the middos receive the light of the love that is in Daas. This is the sod of the kavanos of the lulav; that is, to draw down the radiance from the root of the chasadim that are in Daas--the love that is in Daas—into the chasadim that are in the body, which are in the general category of the middos. Thus all of [the middos] will be invested with chasadim, the aspect of love. All of this is in order to radiate to Malchus, which is the esrog. That is, in order to reveal His Malchus to all in the world; that is, to find His Divinity in all the languages of the gentiles, and in all physical things, and all compartments of the klipos. This is the aspect of “…And His Malchus rules all.” All this is done through the tzaddik who subjugates his yetzer, for he is the aspect of the lulav, which is the aspect of the tzaddik as is known, the aspect of “the tzaddik shall blossom like the date palm.” For on Sukkos we reveal His Malchus over all the world, even on the 70 languages of the gentiles, which is the sod of the seventy bulls brought on their behalf on Sukkos…”

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