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November 14, 2008



Just a few comments:

The concept of there being a "Perennial Philosophy" that unifies the diverse pre-modern spiritual traditions is not taken seriously by academics in philosophy or religious studies. It was a pop-philosophy invention of the beat generation.

The concept of evolution is very much in accordance with Jewish mystical thought, as Rav Kook stated. Jews need not fear it or try to explain it away.

Also, the similarity of the ideas of quantum mechanics with those of metaphysics has been vastly over-interpreted by recent authors, in my view. Quantum phenomena occur at the subatomic level, far below the threshold of anything a human can ever perceive, while the more mundane Newtonian physics holds quite well at macroscopic levels.

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"Know from the start that all truth derives from the Word of God and thus partakes of the sacred. Cultivate purity, knowing that this constitutes a precondition to the reception of truth. Learn once more to revere what is worthy of reverence. Cast off the profane and irreverent persona of the modern intellectual, and cultivate the spirit of discipleship. Learn to receive the gift of faith; know that faith is the seed of wisdom. "

Very well said Mr. Wolfgang Smith. You are someone, all science folks look up to with all your accomplishments in the world of natural sciences. I do hope that many more like you would be born in this world to reveal all truths in this world.

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