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October 09, 2008


Dixie Yid

Not taken this year though. Videos were banned this year, as people felt it cheapened the experience. Beautiful though, isn't it? It was rocking last night as well, no less than on the video from the previous year.

-Dixie Yid


I dont remeber learning anything about a post yom kippur requirement to be "rocking."
Personally, in the immortal words of AK's most famous blogger, "ich kenesht" while a little rikud is necessary and warranted for the post neilah high, this type of overdone high schoolish behavior is a major tircha detziburah. I spent many a yom kippur in a prominent new york yeshiva with hundreds of people, and after a mandated several hakafos there was always a klap to continue (in some places the dancing gets so nuts, people forget that it becomes a major hefsek in the middle of kaddish) but even in cases where they waited until the end, at a certain point, Kavod habrioys and tircha detziburah set in, which trumps all repressed restless need to be 'rocking."

joel rich

where is the women's section? What do they do during this time?
Gmar Tov


Don't worry. We stop the rikud after a few minutes in time for the shuttle back to Mars to take off.

Dixie Yid


high schoolish & tircha d'tziburah? Besides the fact that the rikudim are only a few minutes as MoC said, people have a choice. Our downstairs minyan finished Maariv before the Rikud started. The real sha'ala is why other Jews actually finding simcha in their Yiddishkeit makes you feel threatened.


The Ezras Nashim is in the back of the Shul, out of the camera's line of vision.

-Dixie Yid

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