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September 14, 2008


josh waxman

Unfortunately, I do not believe it is a joke. They have others. For example, how to learn gemara:


It clearly is intended as a kind of counter-cultural humor. Note the pictures of Che Guevara behind some of the speakers. Different from the portrait of Baba Sali, but still significant.
They also have Na Nach aliens video etc.


B"H the Nanach aren't into 'chuchmos', why do you have to classify and analyze everything. Did the video give you enjoyment and excitement, probably right, B"H, enjoy Nanach enjoy God! Do the the Nanach swipe spread the light and happiness.


It is a picture of Rabbi Israel ber (The Saba) as a young man. Not the Che guy. One is a Tzadik the other.... It is a useful knowledge to know how to know the difference. I am the maker of this video and Yes the video is a Joke. I intended it as a joke when I made it. It was understood as a joke by the audience that it was targeted to. Though I should add that "Na Nach" is anything but a joke. It is as serious as it can get...only, part of the path of "Na Nach" is to be happy and to even make jokes to keep oneself happy. i.e. we take our happiness very seriously. If you see someone doing the "Swipe" it is always done in a spirit of fun as most of the work of "Na Nach" is. I hope this clarified things. : )


by the way, I like your article. I would like to add a point. The leader of Na Nach is Rabbi Israel Ber and primarily Rebbe Nachman (Of course) They are both "dead". It should be understood that even in the old Breslov books it is considered a lack of faith if one believes that a Truly Righteous man dies. Rather, we believe that after these two died (or any truely Righteous Person) they actually become stronger and more present in the world. One can view Na Nach as a purist movement. We believe in leaders but they must be True leaders. Especially when, as you implied, issues of the final redemption are at hand, with such a lofty goal in mind to err slightly is to err enormously. We can trust the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and Saba, we also talk to friends and Talk to G@d, these three things is what We believe that Rebbe Nachman taught as a practice to keep one on the path of truth. I hope this was helpful. I am happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability to help people to understand Na Nach. -Saba-noon @ nanach.net

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