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May 12, 2008



Ay, we see the opposite with our eyes, in both directions?

Bartley Kulp

I would say that any seder kvuah in limud torah will keep one safe. Some people cannot commit the time or ATP to consistently learn gemorah and are very erlicher people.


There is a reason we should not quote every statement a Gadol supposedly makes:

He might look foolish due to misinterpretation of the statement.

Torah Shebaal Peh was supposed to remain as such. but we had no choice but to start writing it down.

Why make R' Elyashiv sound foolish?


This interesting quote made me think. I respect R. Elyashiv a lot and when he is quoted in a widely ditributed promotional magazine, the quote is meant to have an influence. I find it to reflect a certain approach and valuable in that sense.

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