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May 14, 2008



All I have to say after watching one minute is ridiculous! Sheesh, I don't know anything about him or his "philosophy", but does he even believe in G-d? A pet peeve of mine is one of the first things he says, that the Rambams idea of G-d came from Aristotle and Greek Philosophy and not from an authentic Jewish hashkafah, and then he goes on with his absurd idea that the reason we aren't allowed to make ideals because that looks like G-d. Is that really what an intellectually honest individual can come up with!?!? It is clear as day light that the left wing nutjubs are just as fundamentalist to their post-modernist neo-atheism as the right wing fundamentalists are to their heritage (and at least the latter believe in G-d, the former just believe in themselves!)


Sorry for not really double checking my grammar. I meant to say that it's absurd that the reason the Torah doesn't allow to make idols is not, according to him, because we cannot anthropomorphisize G-d, its because we actually might/are getting it right c"v. He is like the anti-Rambam, which again makes him pretty stupid in my book. There are so many problems with his approach that I won't even bother, but again its obvious how rigid and fundamentalist these liberal intellectuals are with their religion of scientisim.

I just want to comment on my pet peeve, it is so common in these circles to state these "obvious" claims. Sure the Rambam respected Greek philosophy in general and Aristotle in particular (to a degree). But first of all the core of his belief was Rabbinic Judaism, and he only took what he believed to be TRUTH. Its probably these "scholars" believe that there is no way Jews had a revelation in sinai, and there is no way there is an accurate mesora, so lets run roughshod on all rational Jewish thinkers and say they couldn't have took their theology from this primitive superstitious religion. Hence the according to Harbetal and his ilk the Rambams mesorah was chalila from Aristotle and as for Moshe (if they even claim he existed, which they would never do), he probably (leshitosom) was some kind of meandering schizophrenic who believed in all this superstitious nonsense c"v!
I know you feel all the answers could be solved with kabbala, I firmly believe every problem can and will be solved with a proper understanding of rational Torah Judaism.


This was a waste of a few good minutes of life.

When they discuss G-d, they say:
אלוקים מתפתח

This statement is not compatible with Jewish thought - we cannot change G-d, nor does he change. Change is something that is associated with time, and G-d is above time. It's obvious that the interviewer does not undertand this, as he asks:
G-d also ages, right?

We don't know G-d. What we do know is in the negative - what he isn't, and he is not aging. He is not angry at our actions, we cannot change him, and some intense studying of the Rambam in the Moreh, Hakdamos L'mishna, and letters are necessary for these two 'scholars'.


You know, every person can be mesured on different axis. Obviously Moshe Halbertal is not a conventionally religious person and somewhere, sometime he turned his back on some details of observance. This is a personal tragedy, his tragedy, our tragedy. He remains, however, a profound thinker who is one of the few to icorporate Kabbalistic thought into his philosophic writings. In this he is a trailblazer of a sort.

Without Yiras Shomaim, such synthesis is unrestrained and wild, destructive. This is what the commenters rightly note. On the other hand, it is still unique and despite the religiously wanting final product, remains fascinating for the method alone.


Um sorry to crack everyone's sphere of influence,
but a god doesn't exist.

If you do justify your god's existence,
can you please start using its correct name.
There are way too many gods to start making assumptions.

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