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March 10, 2008



I agree that Modern Orthodoxy is splitting in two.

The question is whether unity is a desideratum. If it turns out that YCT actually did cross an objective line in the sand, such that its position is no longer within the range of "eilu va'eilu divrei E-lokim Chaim -- these and those are the words of the Living G-d", then including them within the umbrella is not desirable.

YCT is an experiment in more than an open orthodoxy. It has non-Orthodox rabbis teaching communal leadership and counseling skills. Their Jewish Philosophy dept is headed by Dr Tamar Ross whose upcoming book "Expanding the Palace of Torah: Orthodoxy and Feminism" is emblematic of a whole drive to redefine Orthodox culture (and perhaps values) to accommodate the religious needs of women who are products of a post-feminism world.

None of these cross any of my own red lines. (As this blog's author knows from my own activities working with Jews of more liberal stripes.) However, I can see how someone else can objectively say they put themselves beyond the camp. Simply calling for unity is a bit naive, in my humble opinion.


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