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March 18, 2008



...of course, i agree and practice (in qabalah meditation and prayer) told me than i can have, after emotional and personal passions, many intellectual fixations, and not also.
I could suppose than many levels of emotion and intellect (works together) like the animal soul in the neshamah....theory suppose almost 9 levels i belive (3 x 3) knowables of the existing 25....
But the path is very infinite.....for just one life! Anyway mitzvot are line-guide to observe the status of our meditation, and a line-guard too....

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(Qabalah and Hebrew Misticism)
traduction: the (a) voice in the beard of the Father

'shir ben david


I agree that intellect needs careful tending as well. A lot of the time, however, it is the emotions that covertly subvert how you think, so it is very important to work concurrently on emotions and intellect. Another component is the assumptions and biases that guide the feelings, as I discussed previously in this series. Tanya calls it CHABD of the middos, which I understand as the assumptions behind the emotions. The example I listed before is the sense of hurt and entitlement that provokes anger. So all these three factors interact. One must work on emotions themselves, the assumptions behind the emotions and the capacity to see through rationalizations, self-interest and denial that subvert clear self-perception of emotion.

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