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December 30, 2007



Speaking of the pirush Yedid Nefesh, have you looked at his biur on Zohar? Any comments?


I have not investigated the new ArtScroll Yerushalmi in depth but a cursory examination shows

Is it too much to ask that you do more than a cursory examination before offering a negative opinion? The AS Yerushalmi happens to be a wonderful piece of work, especially for those who are unsatisfied with cursory learning.


Let me add that the AS Yerushalmi and the AS Mishnah series could not be more different, as even the most cursory of examinations ought to show. The comparison makes me wonder what you actually know of either. What the Yerushalmi is most like is the excellent AS Bavli, but with far more attention paid to girsaos and alternative pshatim.


Thank you. I might be wrong and I will, bl"n learn a full sugyo with the ArtScroll Yerushalmi and report on here.


The Artscroll Yerushalmi varies greatly by which writer or editor was working on it. There are so few authoritative commentaries that the individual writer or editor has a great deal of difficult work, and therefore varied results.The Kav Venaki indeed is easy to read, but much of the material is their own twist and not faithful to a particular earlier pshat. Some may have a problem with using that as a starting point.Regarding R' Kanievsky, I agree, there is a lot missing in the peirush, but it is easy to read. In addition, should you want to look up his Derekh Emunah, you will be more familiar with the pshat he already adopted on the Yerushalmi.


Re. the advice to look up Derech Emunah. It's an excellent sefer, but it is definitely not always in line with his Biur. The Biur is a transcription of an off-the-cuff, low-level shiur. He's not really working things through; just getting through the sugya in the simplest way possible. It has its uses, but has its downside too.

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