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June 08, 2007



the content is really interesting, but for some reason when you start talking about pirkei avot, you add many typographical errors -- perhaps in the hurry to get the ideas out? There was even a "teh" in there.


I like the idea that Hellenistic rationalism removed the attraction to idolatry, while simultaneously making it harder to have transcendent religious experiences.

And that the mention of prophets is meant to demonstrate continuity between the "prophetic" and "rabbinic" models of leadership.

But when you say
All ritual, behavior and experience was focused on fostering meditative awareness, moral perfection and a rich prayer and sacrificial life - so as to attract and to be worthy of Divine revelations.
I think - weren't "meditative awareness, moral perfection and a rich prayer and sacrificial life" sufficiently valuable in their own right, without the experience of prophecy?

Also, there are prophets such as Yirmiyahu (I think) and Yonah who would have loved not to be burdened with prophecy. Prophecy certainly doesn't sound like their personal spiritual goal.

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