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April 08, 2007



I realize that R' Elazar Azkiri (the Seifer haChareidim) probably wrote Yedid Nefesh entirely from within the Personalist Conception of G-d, but perhaps someone could read this trichotomy into the opening word of the poem.

The mystic seeks an intimate experience of his Yedid Nefesh (Beloved of the soul)
The Personalist Conception has us seeking out G-d as our Av haRachaman (merciful Father; Father Who Is the All-Merciful)
And the philosopher hopes that G-d (First Cause) will cause His servant to be drawn after His Will (the Active Intellect?) -- meshokh avdekha el Retzonekha (draw Your servant toward Your Will / Desire).

But again, I realize that in a literal sense, lover-Beloved, child-Father and servant-Master are all human relationships, and thus in reality Personalist.


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