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April 26, 2007


Avi Block

My personal opinion is that the minhag not to listen to music developed from the general minhag of decreasing joy and dancing during sefira. To be sure, music per se is not mentioned any where in the shulchan aruch. With dancing comes music so live dancing music became assur. My speculation is that there jews back then only had music during times of dancing and joy because there was no time for "stam" recreational listening. So of course "music" became assur. When people started listening to more recreational, non-dancing music, this became assur too because, after all, people hadn't been listening to music in the past during this time. They of course never realized that this issur was only for dancing and joy and not for non-dancing music. Nowadays we have recorded music. By my speculation, the original issur would only include listening to music, any music live or recorded, for purposes of dancing. While there may be several halachik discussions as to whether there is a difference between live and recorded music, that's not the crux of issue. Live music and recorded music, whether permitted or forbidden, is entirely dependent on the motive of the listening.
However you slice it, modern acapella music is the same thing as recorded music. Imagine if i was to record my voice in a way that I can play it back in an infinite loop without noticing any break (kind of like an organ) and playing that sound through a synthesizer. Is this any different from playing the saxophone sound on the synthesizer? Obviously not. Processed acapella music is no different than musical sounds coming from a synthesizer. Therefore modern acapella music is no different than recorded music. However all this is moot...it all depends on the motive of listening to the music.
This is all my speculation.


I agree; that is what I emant by "associated" with celebration. However, the practice is either diverging from this anlysis or considers the weak association sufficient to prohibit also recorded music.

Avi Block

Bottom line I think is that if you think recorded music is prohibited, this type of acapella music should also be prohibited because of three reasons. 1) The processing of the vocals already puts it ino the class of synthesized music. 2) The same "weak association" that assurs recorded music, should assur this because this type of music just replaces the "regular" music that we listen to all year around (according to this reason, all professional acapella music should be assur, even if it's not processed 3) If it sounds like music, talks like music and presents itself as music, it's music....

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