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March 09, 2007



"The author, R. Avrohom Biderman..."

Birnbaum, not Biderman.


Avakesh writes: "This week's issue of the Yated contains a response to blog discussions of their original article criticizing YCT. I must point out that the Yated is my family newspaper and I find it to generally be fair, represent left -center Chareidi values, and demonstrate genuine concern and a sense of communal responsibility. It has tackled some "unsafe" topics at personal risk while avoiding others. The YTN is not a strident, 'anti' rag, out to 'get' others and to provoke controversy and discord. The article is important because it demonstrates a sense of responsibility and a willingness to engage, listen and debate."

Initially I was quite taken aback by this description of the Yated, until I realized that you must be describing the American Yated Ne'eman, not the original Israeli Yated which has disowned its American offshoot and in fact fits all the criteria above.

Yossi "Joe" Izrael

"not the original Israeli Yated which has disowned its American offshoot and in fact fits all the criteria above."

Is this "officially" true? Can you give some refernces, if possible? I never heard it but that would be good news. I know that 'back in the day' when the Israeli Yated was slamming Maarava, the articles were echoed here too, and someone asked L. (USA Yated editor) why is he doing it, he answered that he's tyed to the Israeli Yated. So maybe that has finally changed.
BTW - even in Israel many -including uber-litvish people- can't stand the Yated's guts. I myself heard very harsh words against Z (Yated Israel editor) from some prominent people.

Yossi "Joe" Izrael

PS -

Great post alltogether, agree on most all points. One remark though - instead of debate (well, you actually used "discussion", which is takeh far better) IMHO it's grand time for reconciliation - mind you, I don't mean any side should give up it's positions, but for G-d's sake, break down the walls!


The name is Birnbaum, thank you, corrected

Married in Brooklyn

Excellent post and we hope this could lead to some actual constructive debate


Yes Joe, here it is, m'pi ha'ason:

"Every other publication is run by businessmen or politicians. This is a good opportunity to note that the Yated Ne'eman that is published in Monsey, New York, is no longer connected with our paper in any way."

and here's a blog post, on a sadly dormant blog, which referenced it:


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