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December 24, 2006


Ken Buddha

Rashi also refers to a manuscript which indicates that Simon Peter modified the Biblical Latin, wrote their books, created new shapes for the letters of this "new" alphabet, and so on. This was done to cause a decisive split between them and us such that there was no way afterward that they could be part of the Jewish fold. The original Rashi was censored. This is controversial stuff, this cleave.


In Avodah Zarah 10a, uncensored versions of Rashi are, I beleive in Dikdukei Sofrim. Additional sources on the blessing of the heretics in Megila 17, Brochos 28. The issue is relevant to the established precedent of how to handle deviant movemetns in our own day - expunge and separate or try to gently guide back into the fold.


This is such an utterly sad story you are telling. Do you not see the heartbreak in a good man being forced to submerge his soul in order to save the rest of his people? How horrible. This entire exile is a miserable thing, and we should do tshuva so Hashem can finally bring an end to it.


Ken Buddha

While I don't have the sources, the shoiur that I heard was that this fellow did not sell his soul. The sages at the time assured him of his place in olam habba for his sacrifice on our behalf. And look at the sacrifice that continues even to this day with many of our own -- and his own -- people vilifying him for who we thought he was. He sacrificed his name but not his eternity. Contrast that sacrifice with the false massiah who sacrificed his eternity yet still has his name among "the nations".


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